Our Story

Welcome to SQUID MOTOR CLUB, where speed meets community and passion fuels every ride. Born from the acronym "Speed Quickly Until I Die," SQUID MOTOR CLUB is not just a club—it's a lifestyle embraced by a community of riders and drivers who live by the mantra of seizing every moment.

Our community thrives on the thrill of motorcycles and cars, led by SquidSixx, a charismatic figure known for blending humor with a deep passion for motorsports. With over 555k followers on Instagram, our community includes members who are adventurous and share a passion for adrenaline and the open road.

What sets SQUID MOTOR CLUB apart is our unwavering commitment to both enjoyment and responsibility. While our primary focus is on fun and living life to the fullest, we also recognize the importance of safety. We believe in educating our members about safe riding and driving practices while advocating for the preservation of our passion amidst evolving regulations.

At SQUID MOTOR CLUB, our core values—Fun, Community, High Performance, Expertise, and Safety—guide everything we do. We are more than just a club; we are a supportive network where enthusiasts come together to expand their limits and share unforgettable experiences.

Currently, our community engages through our vibrant Discord channel, where discussions range from gear recommendations to epic ride stories. Looking ahead, we're excited to introduce drag races, drift events, and group rides in the coming year, starting with a focus on motorcycle events to cater to our enthusiastic base.

Join us at SQUID MOTOR CLUB and discover a place where passion meets purpose, where every ride is an opportunity to embrace life's exhilarating journey.


World’s best communicator for up to 15 riders. Rider to Rider range of 1600m. Magnetic mounting.